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Austin ServAll Concrete offers a range of pre-packaged cementitious and epoxy construction grouts. The cementitious grouts are non-shrink and used for setting equipment, structural columns, and anchor bolts. The epoxy grouts are specifically designed for high-strength, high-impact, and chemical-attack applications.

Structural Concrete

Austin ServAll Concrete has various pre-packaged structural concrete repair material. These permanent repair materials are used in horizontal, vertical, or overhead applications. Uses include rapid repair of machinery foundations, walls, ceilings, and other
structural members; construction joint repairs; and concrete floor toppings.

Color and Stains

Austin ServAll Concrete can help you customize your project with the use of integral color. Integral color is used to create permanent, fade-resistant, and uniform color in concrete.

Please visit these links to select the INTEGRAL COLOR that is perfect for your project.

Scofield Concrete Colors

Solomon Concrete Colors

Please visit these links to select the STAIN that is perfect for your project:

Scofield Color Stain Chart 1

Scofield Color Stain Chart 2

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Concrete Resources

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Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
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Concrete Calculator

The concrete calculator estimates the volume and weight of necessary to cover a given area. Purchasing slightly more than what’s estimated can reduce your chances for not having enough material.

Concrete Calculator

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